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Invisible Exhibition Stockholm

When your senses lead you…
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Invisible dinner

Spice up your Friday evening with a different kind of dinner in total darkness.

Can you imagine what it is like to eat without being able to see what you are doing? Experience how

your senses are enhanced when you aren’t able to use your most valuable sense, your sight. Challenge

yourself and your friends to a three-course meal.

Included in the ticket:

  • A tour of the exhibition with a blind/visually impaired guide
  • 3-course dinner in the dark with a glass of wine


  • The program starts at 7pm, so please be here on time, about 10 minutes beforehand.
  • Important! Pre-booking required, at least 4 days in advance.
  • Food must be ordered in advance together with the booking by e-mailing

Choose between two options:

Menu 1

  • Horseradish cheesecake with smoked reindeer, topped with chives and silk roe
  • Seared char filet with champagne sauce and potato cylinder with smoked salmon, dill and spring primeurs
  • Nutellamousse with roasted hazelnuts and raspberry

Menu 2

  • Västerbotten cheese pie with silk roe, red onion, chives and soured cream
  • Citrus baked veal entrecote, roasted garlic gravy and baked cherry tomatoes, oregano roasted fresh potatoes
  • French chocolate cake with summer berries and lightly whipped cream
  • The food is not tailored to food allergies as it can come into contact with allergens during preparation and serving.
  • Allergies must be noted during the booking. The program is done at one’s own risk.

Price: 800 kr

Dessert tasting in the dark

Finish off your tour in the dark with something special, taste delicious baked goods from Eva’s bakery. Every Thursday you can do a smell- and- taste challenge to spice up your day.

No pre-booking necessary, just notify reception when you arrive that you would like to participate in the dessert tasting.

Duration: 1,5 – 2 hours

Price: 350 kr

Wine tasting in the dark

Can you taste the difference between red and white wines? Or even determine what type of wine you are drinking?

Whether you are experienced with wines or you simply enjoy drinking them from time to time, you are welcome to enjoy a wine tasting in the dark.

Try out our exhibition and participate in a wine tasting every Saturday from 7pm.

Duration: 2 hours

Important: Pre-booking required, a least 2 days in advance

Price: 425 kr